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Sinking of the Ancient Rhymer

by zilla774

There once was a man named "zilla",
Who thought his rhymes were all killer,
Until one day,
He got only halfway,
Trying to rhyme Orange.


Dead Bird

by cakes

The December wind wrapped itself around the two as they briskly made their way down the crowded sidewalk. They didn't mind the cold all too much for their sheer excitement kept them warm. A mother and a son had traversed into the Inner Sanctum of the Main City to prepare for the festivities. It was the 20th, and on the 21st a world-wide celebration would ring out in glory of their leader's name and birthday. It wasn't just a celebration for him, as on the 21st everyone shared in on the gift giving and good will spreading amongst their friends and loved ones. The mother and son, however, had missed out on their shopping and were forced to rush and see what they could get the night before.

Every corner they turned and every step they took left them visually bombarded with fantastic, glowing displays of old time toys and new wave technology. Adding to the light were the countless souls that hung high in the sky: small blue and orange orbs of life that floated lazily up to their judgment. Waves of people passed them by, either dressed extravagantly in the season's colors of gold and red, or clad in black and white attire. Compared to everyone else, the mother and son looked rather mediocre. They shared the same raven-black hair, though hers fell in loose curls and his in choppy waves, and they both had stunning yellow eyes that seemed to carry a light of their own, even amidst the shops' glow. Warmly snug in simple coats and boots and maroon-colored scarves, the two often whispered and laughed to each other at how strange just some of these demons' fashion senses were.

They walked and they walked, stopping at store front and store front, peeking in every so often, until his mother wore three bags on her arm -- two on her left and one on her right. He carried a bag himself, all of them holding trinkets, ornaments and gifts for their extended family. The night was still young and the two decided to sight-see for just a little longer. After all, this was their first trip into the Inner Sanctum. For most of their needs, they went to facilities located in the Seven Providences, as the Inner Sanctum was much too long of a trip to take.

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Name your favorite fictional ale (or other beverage)

30 deviants said Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
20 deviants said Argonian Ale (Skyrim)
15 deviants said Butterbeer (Harry Potter)
9 deviants said Ent-draught (The Lord of the Rings
8 deviants said Nuka Cola (Fallout)
6 deviants said Ambrosia (nectar of the gods)
6 deviants said Romulan Ale (Star Trek)
3 deviants said Slurm (Futurama)
2 deviants said Squishee (The Simpsons)
1 deviants said Comment with another choice


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Unable to get Married~

by k-koji, 3 days ago

This story came to my attention, from someone who is not only a great artist, but a cool person. She has a bit of a sad, frustrating story. Basically she cannot marry her partner because of some bullshit laws. The following explains it;

Due to the immigration laws in the UK, British people are unable to marry and be with non-EU spouses unless they make a ton of money that 47% of the country is not making. Because of this, my British fiance and I (an American) and roughly 20,000 other families are unable to get married and be together until they start making more money, which is very difficult in this job climate. This affects me personally because in America I have nowhere to live but on a couch in my aunt's house, and I want to return to the UK to be with my fiance and live closer to my mom, but while this law is in place, we can't be together. Please consider signing this petition that asks the British government to lower the financial requirement and allow us to be together.

The full journal of this is here:


So she is asking people to sign a petition here:…

If you have a minute and can sign this, that would be great! If you can't bring yourself to click, maybe help out by :+fav: this journal to spread it around and help this topic get exposure

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