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Hello, my name is Ian.

In a nutshell, I'm a Full Stack Designer
and Department Manager from Malvern, UK.


I provide creative solutions.

I'm passionate about designing and
delivering engaging UX and effective UI.


02. UI


DeviantArt Watch 2.0


DeviantArt "Peek"

A very detailed, comprehensive production prototype. Created to user test the Peek feature of the newest Watch project and ultimately used by the development team to build the live BETA feature.

© DeviantArt,Inc 2016 Launch Prototype

Live Notifications

A mobile style notifications system, enhancing the DeviantArt header.
Test rig, with detailed dive into the Notifications and Notes menus.

© DeviantArt,Inc 2016 Launch Prototype

The original design prototype which later would be used note for note on the homepage at launch.

© DeviantArt,Inc 2016 Launch Prototype


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  • loading-thumb

If you are interested in my work and would like to know more, please !

© 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017 Ian Field-Richards, All Rights Reserved


Currently I work for, the world's largest online art community, as Director of the User Interface Department.

In my current role I lead a team of highly skilled UI and UX designers. Being a manager brings its own rewards, but I still remain hands-on in my work too. I love creating simple, elegant web designs and developing the code which powers an intuitive user experience.
As well as working on the full range of apps and features that DeviantArt maintains, including our new Mobile App for both iOS and Android, (cloud storage), writer (document creation) and DeviantArt Muro (image creation). I have also led projects with other clients such as DreamUp (crowd sourcing) and integrating DeviantArt into Autodesk's Sketchbook.
In my spare time I have also been a consultant on various external projects, most recently digmybrand and leadsingle. I also do random HTML/CSS tutorials from time to time. I've even been known to do silly things like this to amuse myself.


Here are some of my current skills

  • User Interface
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Responsive Web (RWD)
  • Mobile design (iOS & Android)
  • Style Guides & Bootstraps

  • User Experience
  • Responsive Web (RWD)
  • Mobile Design (iOS & Android)
  • Wireframes
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Visualisations and Redlines (PSD, PNG)
  • User Journeys and Use Cases
  • User Testing
  • Disability/Accessibility Compliance

  • Personal
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Team Leadership
  • Resource & capability management
  • Remote Team Management
  • Project planning
  • Design Consultancy
  • Working within Agile environments


What people say about me

Lauren Rawlins
Program Manager @ DeviantArt, Inc

Quite simply, Ian is a Product Manager's dream come true. A User Experience virtuoso, Ian lives on the bleeding edge of creative technological developments, seamlessly marrying form and function for products used by (literally) millions of users around the world.
On a departmental level, it's a pleasure to work alongside someone with such skill in communication, who also designs exactly to spec and under deadline. I've also been witness to his managerial skill, prioritizing and triaging tasks to his supremely talented team, and truly listening to their input. Ian is a one-in-a-million find, and I would love to work with him again in the future.

Davor Tomic
Product designer @ Ooyala

Besides being a very talented visual artist, Ian is a top-notch designer and a true design expert. He can solve even the hardest of design problems in an efficient and creative manner, but is also able to clearly describe his ideas to anyone - a client, a colleague from another department or anyone else - regardless of that other person's design knowledge.
He's a truly fantastic communicator, but on top of that, he possesses extremely high emotional intelligence, which makes him a perfect candidate for the role of a team leader. What I really appreciated while working with him, is how effortlessly he made our team feel as a family. Always taking care of his team members and being at their disposal in case they needed any help, additional information on tasks, advice or feedback.
Easily the hardest worker in the team, he leads not by words, but by example and action. Ian never stops to learn new skills and is capable of mastering them astonishingly quickly.
Finally, Ian is an amazing organizer. For years now, he's been managing a remote team of designers in DeviantArt, and doing it in a really impressive way. Even with being stretched through time zones, his team always rose to the challenge, remained efficient and productive.
Creative, intelligent, compassionate, eloquent, constantly eager to improve - Ian indeed has it all, and then some!

Bethany Gillian
Chief Conversion Officer @ Velexo

Ian is an executive's ideal employee. He excels in execution (speedy turn around, prototyping, beautiful designs, etc.), but that doesn't begin to cover his talents. Ian creates meaningful work by taking a thoughtful top down approach to ensure that the final work produces valuable results for the project Sponsor or Champion. He does this by evaluating project goals, collecting user/personas and their experience needs, researching industry practices and creating guidelines for the project team, studying both user stated needs and true interactions with the design, and finally by taking a phased approach to rolling out the final objective.
On top of everything, Ian is a great mentor to his colleagues and fun to work with! I'd love to work with Ian in the future and if we had an opening for UI/UX, I'd try to snag him up immediately.


More testimonials on my Linkedin profile